Типография СТАР
The printing house “Star” was founded and works on the printing market since 1992

Типография Стар
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The productive and commercial firm «STAR» Ltd. offers places with advertising constructions for outdoor media situated on the main highroads, exit and entrance roads of the city of Kherson and directly on the streets of the city.
* Berislavske Highroad («Kherson-LADA»)
* Berislavske Highroad (district of the Technical University)
* Corner of Kulika Str. and Ushakov Avenue
* Rosa Liuksemburg Str. (opposite Agricultural University)
* Makarova Str.
* Zala Egerseg Str.
* Entrance road of the town of Tsiurupinsk
* Exit road of the town of Tsiurupinsk
* Kindiyskoe Highroad
* Highroad Kherson-Mykolaiv, urban village Chornobayvka
* The Antonovskiy Bridge
* Lenina Str. - Cultural center named after Lt. Shmidt

 Tampon Printing
 Outdoor Advertisement
 Colour Separation

 New-Year Commodities
 Office and School Commodities
 Permanent Purchases
 Required on Work

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45 Petrenko Str., Kherson, 73010 (River Port District)
Tel./fax +38 (0552) 26-28-46, 26-40-64, 46-05-43, 26-68-57, 22-51-84
E-mail: star@stardruk.com.ua