Типография СТАР
The printing house “Star” was founded and works on the printing market since 1992.
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Типография СТАР

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The printing house “Star” was founded and works on the printing market since 1992.

During these years, besides printing works, we have considerably widened the range of our services: new sections like design studio, tampon printing shop, productive shop of paper-stationary, school goods and office supplies shop have been established; works section of paper finishing and selling which supplies the Southern Region of Ukraine with paper of native and foreign producers; the department of outdoors media also successfully works.

The printing house “Star” mounted and letting out the advertising constructions situated at the main exit and entrance highroads of the city of Kherson.

During the years of its work the printing house “Star” has bought a wide range of printing equipment: e.g. 4 colour offset printing machine made by German producers “HEIDELBERG”, newest paper-cutting machine with computer “PERFECTA”, photocomposition machine “DOLEV” for the format A2, automatic machine for printing on hard materials (perfume bottles, pens, lighters, crockery, etc.) by means of tampon printing method and modern hi-tech computer equipment which allows rendering of printing services almost in all range of offset printing, advertising and tampon printing sphere. One of the latest purchase is a digital printing machine Konica Minolta Bizhub C451, format A3..

The products of printing house “Star” arewell-known on the whole territory of Ukraine and abroad. The tinned goods with labels printed by our equipment can be seen at the stores on the whole territory of Ukraine and as well as in such countries as USA, Israel, Latvia, Estonia, Russia. This fact confirms the high quality of our products.

In the workshop of paper-stationary goods there are of about 1 million folders and files are produced per month, this allows to satisfy needs of such cities as Kherson, Mykolaiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhya, Vinnitsya, Zhytomir, Donetsk and Crimea region.

Maybe you have one of the wall and table calendars produced by our workshop of paper-stationary goods with circulation of 300-350 thousand of samples per year. Now the printing house “Star” can supply only Kherson, Mykolaiv region and part of the Crimean peninsula with certified school goods (copy books, albums, pupil's mark books) produced in this workshop due to the competition with large printing plants equipped with automated line.

The workshop of paper finishing satisfies needs in the format paper not only of the own printing house, but also allows to cut and pack paper in batches up to 3 tons of paper per 24 hours.

Print Media Materials:
The right-angled labels and with shaped cutting, forms, playbills, posters, leaflets, tags, different kinds of calendars, different kinds of print media materials up to format A2 (420mm x 600mm).
Operational full-colour printing
allows of achieving profitability in small circulation (up to 200 copies).
Tampon printing on different configuration types of surfaces:
bottles, pens, lighters, crockery, ash-trays, plugs, food tanks, lids, etc.
Outdoor advertising
Production and placement of advertising banners on billboards in the city of Kherson and Kherson region.

Наружная реклама
Colour Separation
Colour separation and film discharge up to A2 format (420mm x 600 mm)
Folders and Files
Office folders with strings, elastics, self-binders, folders "WORK" type

Offset, newspaper, Xerox, fax and other kinds of paper in rolls and sheets.

School Goods
Drawing blocks, copybooks, pupil's mark books, office supplies.

Канцелярские товары
 Tampon Printing
 Outdoor Advertisement
 Colour Separation

 New-Year Commodities
 Office and School Commodities
 Permanent Purchases
 Required on Work

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