The printing house Star was founded and works on the printing market
since 1992.


The periodicals, books and magazines, copybooks and pupil's mark books, forms and office suppliers, labels and booklets, posters and promotional materials do not comprise the full list of printing products made by the printing house STAR on the different kinds of paper and carton. Besides, production of printing goods, sale of paper and carton for printing needs as well as office equipment is also one of the activity .

On the store-houses of the printing house STAR there are always available various kinds of enamel-paper of different density, selfcopy paper of several kinds, self-adhesive paper of different formats, offset and newsprint paper of veried density and of various producers, enamel and nontest boards in rolls and in batches, paper for fax, printers and cash registers one can buy all of this products

Now we are going to produce detail information about some kinds of paper .

We offer the paper made by the Russian producers with optimal combination of price and quality.

The newsprint paper fabricated by Open Joint-Stock Company Pulp and Paper Factory Kama is a moderately priced one for general circulations newsprint paper; paper made by the Open Joint-Stock Company Kondopoga, Open Joint-Stock Company Noizidler Syktyvkar is an ideal choice for full-colour printing on high-speed roller and on offset sheet machines.

We offer our consumers the most popular and optimal kinds of the offset paper produced by the Open Joint-Stock Company Kotlas and by the Open Joint-Stock Company Mondi Business Paper Syktyvtar LPK:

- offset paper Kotlas is produced for sheet and rotary machines; this paper is notable for the high whiteness 98-103% and high degree of glazing, paper Mondi has double-sided surface sizing on the neutral medium with chalk on the press (this helps to achieve high stability of whiteness in course of storage, absence of dusting, etc.).

- paper of light chalking developed for magazine, periodicals, catalogues, news-paper annexes printing which requires high degree of brightness and in the same time good opaqueness of structure, full-colour double-sided printing. Due to the perfect brightness of covering the expressiveness of image is enlarged, contrast is emphasized.

The paper of light chalking is produced as glossy and mat paper with density from 60 150g/m2.

The extra-strong paper (KRAFT) is a sort of strong parcel paper which is used for production of bags and parcels for bulk materials. The main property of such paper is strength to mechanical damages. The extra-strong paper is made from cellulose and is characterized with air permeability, thats why the packed products has an opportunity to breath. The extra-strong paper can absorb the big quantity of moisture and by that preserves the content and has good resistance to tearing.

The productive and commercial firm STAR works with self-adhesive paper JAC and Raflatak , Germany, formats (43x61), (50x70), (45x64). And especially at our request the frost-resisting self-adhesive paper is delivered from Spain. This paper is mainly used for packing of meat semi-finished products which are stored under low temperature (glue film doesnt loose its properties up to -40?C).

The productive and commercial firm STARLtd. offers super prices fortheir own paper made under the trade mark STAR :

a) paper for office equipment STAR, colour of packing green. This is a universal white paper which can be used for all kinds of office equipment.

This paper is produced from Finish materials with density 80g/m?, format A4 and A3 per 500 sheets. This paper can be cut in all formats at your order.

b) newsprint paper made by both Russian and native producers in batches: from 1 kg up to 500 sheets, format A4, A3. This paper can be of any format at your order, colour of packing dark beige.

c) offset paper made by different producers with different density (from 55 to 240 80g/m?) in batches: from 1 kg up to 500 sheets, format A4, A3. This paper can be of any format at to your order, colour of packing blue.

We invite to long-term mutually profitable cooperation.

We also offer paper for printing and office equipment,
   expendable materials and for offset printing    
Please call to our managers to ask the newest price
Forma Weight 1 2, gramm Whiteness % Quantity of sheets per batch, pcs Weight of batch, kg From 1 batch up to 100 from 101 up to 500 More than 500
Newsprint paper
1 45 63 - *1      
3 45 63 500 2,806      
4 45 63 350 1,00      
4 45 63 500 1,403      
Newsprint paper
1 45 63 - *1      
3 45 63 500 2,806      
4 45 63 350 1,00      
4 45 63 500 1,403      
Offeset Paper
Kotlas Lumiset
1 58,70 100 - *1      
3 58,70 100 500 3,61/4,34      
4 58,70 100   1,00      
4 58,70 100 500 1,809/2,17      
Offeset Paper
1 60,65 98 - *1      
3 60,65 98 500 3,78/4,05      
4 60,65 98 250 1,00      
4 60/65 98 500 1,89/2,03      
Paper for xerox
3 80 103 500 5,0      
4 80 103 500 2,49      
Whatmans paper 1 200 103          
Whatmans paper 1 240 103          
* The batch is formed according to the order of the customer

Paper and carton in rolls
Name/Producer Gloss % Whiteness % Mass 1 2,gram Format roll/cm up to 2 tons from 2t to 10t. more than 10t.
Newsprint paper of the Joint-Stock Company Syktyvkar - 60-66 45 60-84      
Newsprint paper "Kama" - 60-66 45 42,60,84      
Newsprint paper Zhidachiv - 60-66 45 42,60,84      
Offset paper of the Joint-Stock Company "Kotlas" - 98 60,65 84      
Offset paper Lumiset - 103 70,80 84      
Offset paper, Dnipropetrovsk - 98 60,65 60,84      
Cover paper - green 80 84      
Bag paper (kraft) Zhidachiv - - 70 105      
Carton Chrome-ersatz N (Obukhov)     0,3/215 84      
Carton Chrome-ersatz N (Obukhov)     0,4/300 80,105      
Carton Chrome-ersatz N (Obukhov)     0,35/260 84,105      

Carton, label paper, enamel-paper in sheets
Name/Producer Colour of the reverse side Mass 1 2,gram Format roll/cm Weight ,g. Cost of sheet Hryvna./sheet Cost of sheet format/price
Carton Chrome-ersatz -1, Ukraine grey 0,4/300 94105 0,300    
Carton Chrome-ersatz -1, Ukraine 0,35/300 94105 0,259    
Carton Chrome-ersatz -1, Ukraine 0,4/310 9484 0,170    
Binder board, Zhidachiv 1,2-2,0 mm 93100      
Coated board 3,20 70x100 0,196    
Coated board          
Enamel-paper Double-sided coating 90 64x90 0,0518    
Enamel-paper 100 64x90 0,0576    
Enamel-paper 115 64x90 0,0662    
Enamel-paper 115 70x100 0,0805    
Enamel-paper 130 70x100 0,091    
Enamel-paper 130 64x90 0,0778    
Enamel-paper 135 70x100 0,095    
Enamel-paper 150 64x90 0,086    
Enamel-paper 200 64x90 0,115    
Enamel-paper 200 70x100 0,140    
Enamel-paper 250 64x90 0,144    
Enamel-paper 250 70x100 0,175    
Enamel-paper 300 64x90 0,173    
Enamel-paper 350 64x90 0,202    
Self-adhesive paper glue 189 43x61 0,049    
Self-adhesive paper 50x70 0,066    
Sinar Lux   80 100x70 0,056    
Sappi   75 84x65 0,041    

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