Типография СТАР
The printing house “Star” was founded and works on the printing market
since 1992.

Типография Стар
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Nowadays tampon printing is widely used in f high-quality decorative design as well as in marking of products. The large possibilities in usage and constant improvement of this technology help to strengthening position in tampon printing and its recognition as a universal method of printing.

The tampon printing as a method of images and inscription printing on bottles, vials and other kinds of tare can attract interest the perfumers, producers of vaccines, solvents and other kinds of liquids.

The usage of alcohol-resistant paints and processes of thermal treatment allows to print with high adhesion, i.e. fastening on the material for printing, which is highly important during bottling of alcoholic liquids.

We can print images (trade marks and etc.) on crockery for cafe, restaurants with considerable turnover of crockery.

With the help of tampon printing method we can print multicoloured images (logotypes) on advertising products – pens, notebooks, trinkets, mats, etc.

Prices for tampon printing
   Name    Circulation
   Printing on pens, lighters, ash-trays, etc.     100 1,50
   Printing on pens, lighters, ash-trays, etc.     300 0,60
   Printing on pens, lighters, ash-trays, etc.     500 0,40
   Printing on pens, lighters, ash-trays, etc.     1000 0,25
   Printing on saucers for glasses made from moisture-absorb carton (one colour)     1000 0,35
   Printing on saucers for glasses made from moisture-absorb carton (two colours)     1000 0,49
   Printing on saucers for glasses made from moisture-absorb carton (one colours)     1000 0,66
    Printing on bottles (perfumes, vaccines, etc.)    
    Bottle (one colour) alcohol-resistant     1000 0,25
    Bottle (two colours) alcohol-resistant     1000 0,40
   Bottle (one colour) alcohol-resistant     10000 0,15
    Bottle (one colours) alcohol-resistant     10000 0,20

Our company renders services in printing of images on any kind of surfaces – metal, glass, ceramics, plastic, etc.
The price depends on complication and terms of execution, i.e. it is calculated separately.
The prices indicated in Hryvnas, including VAT
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