Типография СТАР
The printing house “Star” was founded and works on the printing market
since 1992.

Типография Стар
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Наружная реклама

Outdoor advertisement:
Наружная реклама   Production of advertisement on boards, size 3х6 м:
    - on fabric - 1000,00 Hrn;    
    - on paper - 300,00 Hrn.    
    film"Oracal" galvanized sheet from 270 Hrn. per 1 sq.м    
  film "Oracal" on plastic VERAPLAN SL from 300 Hrn. per 1 sq.м  
 On banner fabric (advertising stretching and board) from 120 Hrn per 1 sq.m  
    On paper CITY - 60 Hrn\sq.м.    
 Placement of advertising on the constructions of the Placement of advertisement on the boards of the company (3х6m) (rent of place) от 500 Hrn. per month  
 Car’s and other kinds of sticks with the film "Oracal" from 150 Hrn. за 1 sq.м  

The price depends on complication and terms of execution, i.e. it is calculated separately
 Tampon Printing
 Outdoor Advertisement
 Colour Separation

 New-Year Commodities
 Office and School Commodities  Permanent Purchases
 Required on Work

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